2013-07-17 04.21.33

This is my first blog ever so go easy on me, with the comments. I promise it will get better, actually can’t promise that but I am sure people will let me know if it get worse.

As you can see I am rambling as it is hard to start a blog when the topic is me. I am using this blog to put my thoughts down, in no order, random and at sometime won’t make sense but I am hoping through this I will be able to find myself and be myself-

I don’t expect life to be easy and if things are not challenging I get bored but I want to find and work in what I love as hard as that may be and as challenging as it may be if i have to start over i really want it.

So if you still reading and are interested to hear more let me know what you work in and if you love it, or how you balance what you love and work- unfortunately we have to work to live, can’t just sit on the beach drinking cocktail/ chatting with my friends/ fiancé (yes getting married soon, sure that will come through some blogs).

Well bye for now, and chat soon



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