Ok, I work in a creative industry, Advertising, but I am what they call a ‘suit’. I work on the Client side, present the creative, brief the creatives and are involved with the strategy sessions with the client.  The people at my company that create the adverts are call the ‘creatives’ in the industry.

I just came back from a holiday in NYC and I’m feeling a bit uninspired in my job, I want to be more creative!! and I don’t want to work 5 days a week, I think why should I just because everyone else does??

I have had lots of random thought running through my head, I am enjoying planning my wedding so why not do something in that area, like say become a wedding photographer. But I think I would be working non stop and I have no experience in the area. I did one unit of photography at uni but that was for fun.

Plus I am good at what I do, I don’t have a problem managing numerous job at once and dealing with different Client personality but I am not sure if that is enough.

I really enjoy the strategy side of my role and there is something call an Advertising Account Planner. I don’t know much about it but am meeting with my mentor tonight so might run it by him. I know you work with the creative and work out the best creative strategies.

The thing is though I don’t want to have to start at the bottom again, I was not too well a few years ago so took a step back to get myself better and feel I am ready move forward and earn more and do more…. Anyone else struggle with wanting to do something they love but just not sure what??



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