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We had our second catch up last night and I found it soo useful. I was feeling a bit uninspired in my job and the catch up got me excited again. I just came back form holidays- Canada (brothers wedding), NYC & London (to see old friends from when we lived there). NCY was so amazing I had been there before but we stayed in a different area (Lower East Side) and just really experience the city and not the tourist side. We stayed with a friend so was able to see day-to-day life and just have a ball. So coming back I felt I wasn’t creative enough in my role, I went through thinking I enjoy planning my wedding maybe I should do something with that but I do love advertising so I want to find it in my role.

I spoke to my mentor about this and he said you don’t want to just feel like you are pushing paper, so I nee to find ways to bring these aspects into my role and then I will benefit from it and hopefully so will my Client.

I have been thinking about an Account Planning role for a while but I don’t know that much about it. Mentor explained it can be different at each agency and not all agencies here have a planning department. MK, 3 and MF do.  MK planner focus on getting to know the brand inside out, they look at what their position in the market is, where they want to be, what is the point of different of there product but also another part of the role is looking at what is the consumers perspective of the brand and what do they want from that brand. If focus groups are required the planner will organise and sit in on these so they can take there own interpretations from the comment and not just read the report done, however for more qual research firms are normally commissioned to do the work- this seem really interesting to me. MF and 3 work different but can’t remember the specific details. I think however a good way to see if I like it is too try to incorporate it in my role.

We also talked about the briefing process and how important it is to find the actual need of the client, why are they coming to the agency, what do they want to solve and then look at the consumer and see what they want and how you can challenge the client to use a message that will get consumers talking.  Clients see it as a risk to try something different but it is more of a risk and waste of money to continue with the same, as the results won’t come.  Mentor told me he doesn’t really follow a brief template, he start writing on the background section and gets inside the brand and the brief comes from this, he will then fill in the details from what he has found in the background. Regarding demographic, everyone is different, one 20 year old will have different background, belief, views etc to another- so don’t just pick an age range describe a person, I am a young couple with a young family, who loves adventure and am looking for…. Etc describes the type of person the brand/ product would appeal to. Mentor is going to send me an example of a brief for me to look at. The best way to get into this style is to write on, it may not be the final brief but it will get me into practice using this mindset.

Also Mentor said it is good to emerse yourself in the industry, read what some of the top people are saying, look at the top creative and get inspired. He sent me some links and said try just 30 minutes a day.

He lent me a book- Linchpin by Seth Godin

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Here are some links for your reading time. Enjoy!

Brain Pickings

The Tuesday Ten (Rosie Siman)

Canalside View (Martin Weigel)

Bud Caddell

Baekdal (subscription required)


BBH Labs

Made By Many

Talent Imitates, Genius Steals

Dave Trott

Seth Godin

Only Dead Fish (Neil Perkin)

Rory Sutherland

Gareth Kay

Russell Davies

Creativity Unbound




Google Sandbox



Say Media

Fast Company

Harvard Business Review

You Are Not So Smart

Forrester Research



  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the kind word, it is nice to hear some feedback.
    I caught up with my Mentor again last night so will be posting again about that, look out for it if you’re keen.



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