Do I go back to the big time……


So….. I have a question for you and for myself….. do I go back to working for one of the top agencies….

To give you background when I first stared out in advertising I worked for one of the top agency- there are about 4-5 of them.  I loved it, I worked hard and didn’t get paid that well but had a great team.  The agency was known for working people hard and burning them out, that didn’t happen to me thankfully, I left to go travelling for a few years (great decision but that is another post). I did however realise I was working really long hours for not much pay, so you don’t feel as appreciated, but that is the advertising industry in general.

Anyway when I cam back from travelling I was too well so I decided to take a lower position and still stay in the industry but not push my body too hard. This was really useful at keeping my foot in the door and using my skills, but the role did become a bit boring when i learnt it inside out and there was no available position to move up too.

So… now I am at a smaller agency as it has the potential for me to be involved in a lot more and get exposure and expand my skills. although yes there is a but coming…. in top agencies you get exposure to the latest campaigns and latest technology. I feel and I could be wrong that because a smaller agency doesn’t have the man power they will never pitch for those accounts.  Which leads me on the pitching, my current agency doesn’t pitch, my boss sees it as a waste of time unless he know he has an advantage in the process. I didn’t know this when i joined as I love pitches, yes people find it strange I say that, as they are high stress and a lot of work but I enjoy the excitement and working together to get it done.

Also one of the areas I am quite interested in being a planner (not media planner), a planner look deeply into the brand- current position in the market, competitor, target audience, where they want to be & secondly the consumers persecutive of the brand. This position is not held at all agencies normally only bigger ones (or at least where I am from), so if I want to do this position I would have to go back to the big time!

I think I may have answered my question with the writing above as to what I want…


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