Have you ever felt like a flat tennis ball after a really good weekend?….

That is how I feel a bit today. I had a really good weekend, I had a really big drinking, dancing, shot, glitter- you name it. It was fun being out dancing again and just forgetting about everything else and just dancing!! And then Saturday night was a girls night- you were not allowed in the door unless you wore a hoody and comfy pants, so the relaxing was nice after a full on Friday night- we watched Empire Records DVD haven’t watched that for years. And finally Sunday I had my younger sister and her bf over for a healthy lunch- so all in all a great weekend.

However…. Monday morning comes and it is so hard to get out of bed as even when you are entertaining it is not the same as just relaxing. And for me its a bit different as I have Bipolar. I haven’t mentioned it in any of my previous posts as this blog so not going to be just about my bipolar. It is something I have, and have to deal with, but there are element to me.

I am still on medication and will probably always be as I am Bipolar I, unless I want to have children and then I will have to come off it. The meds are working really well but I had a few really bad episodes a few years ago so need to take them to keep me stable. I don’t like taking the medication but I enjoy working and doing everything I love, and catching up with friends so if they can help me do that, it is just something I have to do as part of my day.



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