What to write about..


I feel like writing but not sure which topic I want to write about, so I have just going to start and see where that leads me…..

So on the 17th September I would have been in my current job one year. When I initially had my first interview the salary that was stated was $50K, which is not too bad for the position I was applying for. Then when I had the second interview I was told that the Salary structure would change, I would be paid $46K for the first 3 months, then $48K for the remainder of that year and then at one year I would go up to $50K.

I was a little bit annoyed that the structure changed from one interview to the next, if it had been stated like that in the first interview that would have been fine.. so i thought about it and I like the position and the company seemed like the kind of place i wanted to work for, so i took the job.

So back to my first statement, my one year is coming up and I want to ask for my salary to go up to $55K instead of $50K as originally negotiated, I feel that this is not stepping over the line as I have done the work and I accepted the lower pay to being with – THOUGHTS ANYONE??

I do like my job even though I am thinking about going back to one of the top agencies, but I feel like if he increases my pay to $55K then it shows he appreciates my work. It is a hard topic to bring up as money always is and we will be continuing to work together after the discussion….. ill let you know how it goes.


ps. interesting that is what came to mind to write about, must of been on my mind 🙂



  1. It can’t hurt to respectfully ask for it while pointing out everything you’ve contributed and your market value in the workplace (which you can estimate online using Glassdoor.com or Salary.com or a similar site.) The worst the guy can do is say no. I’d say you deserve the raise, personally.


      • I’m about to actually. I just got moved into a far more difficult position with substantially more responsibility, but it didn’t come with a pay raise. The advice I gave you is what I plan to follow myself here in the next couple weeks after I get settled in.


      • Yeah, I think if you have done your research first and find out what other in your position earn and you have shown you are good at your role it should hopefully go well and be beneficial – let me know how you go 🙂


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