Back in the saddle… Literally


There is something about horse riding that relaxes me..

I went for a horse riding lesson yesterday for the first time in about 10yrs. It was great being back in the saddle. I previously had lesson for 5yrs mainly in dressage but jumping as well. So being back riding again was great, I love just focus on the relationship with the horse and the task in front of us.

I won’t say it was easy I did get tired and my body now is sore all over, but I haven’t used those muscle in a loooong time. The instructor said I did really well and I was able to slip back into the dressage moves, just needed to refresh my mind of the names.

I don’t know what it is about riding but I love it. A lot of people are scared of horses as they are big animal but yesterday they put me on their largest horse (16.2 hands) and I was happy….


ps. the image was created by my fiancés niece so I thought it was a nice image to use.


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