I am not saying I am qualified to write about love but my head is feeling all ove rthe place right now and if I write about my partner it makes me feel good, so that is what I need to do.

We have been dating for 8yrs and got engaged!! in Feb this year. However I have known him for about 18yrs, we met as we play tennis at the same tennis club.

I love him in my way, I have dated people before him but I don’t think I ever loved them?? I still get excited when I finish work and I get to go home and see him as corny as that sounds.

Have you ever had that feeling when you are just comfortable with someone, by now he knows me, I mean he really know me. We were together when I had my first high and when I was diagnosed with bipolar and he stayed. We have talked about that time and he said everyone told him if he left me no-one would think less of him but he said he loved me and he wasn’t going anywhere. That must of been hard cos at that stage we didn’t know if meds could control it, lucky they did.

Corny alert again….. I used to joke to him and say my favourite place in the world is in his arm (and we have seen a lot of the world together) but now I think about it, I am happiest with him.

We have fun together I think that is key, I can ask him stupid questions about things i don’t know, we can just relax together in each other company and we can call each other out if needed.



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