Who am I writing this blog for?


So it is easy to get caught up in the idea of a blog, people start to follow you and its nice that they care or want to read what i’m writing. But I don’t want to get caught up in writing for my follower rather than the reason I started this.

I started the blog to get things out of my head and try to figure out where i want to go with work. So my head right now is a bit scrambled, so I am just going to write for me and try to un-scramble it. I am thinking about this weekend, I have organised a Hen’s for my best friend, she is eloping so I want it to be a fun day for her with all her friends. I am not worried about this, it is all organised and I actually enjoy doing events for friends or myself- I am really looking forward to it actually.

I am also organising my wedding with my fiancé which is fun, I have never been one of those girls that have dreamed about her wedding, so i had nothing planned, so i am looking at things for the first time which is exciting.

I guess it is work that has my mind scrambled then, i don’t know if i stay in a job until i am a 100% as to what i want to do or if I just jump in and try something different. I know I love Horses that was evident when I went back to riding on the weekend, but I don’t know a job that can incorporate my skills and my love of Horses- maybe working in the marketing department for a racing track? or Horse riding teach is a possibility but the hours are ot the best when you have a partner as everyone wants lessons late evening or weekends? or stable hand is very physical and I currently haev fatigue issues but I am not sure about the pay and if it will be enough? or I did think if my partner and i bought a property with horse on and chalets we could make money off the property and I could also ride (although need the money to buy the property and don’t have experience in this area but I guess we could learn as we go?

Anymore suggestions from anyone……………..???



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