Just feel like writing as I am bored, so few things on my mind- Kids, bored at work & no stress vs stress.

Kids, as I am getting married next year everyone automatically says, soooo when are you having kids?? that doesn’t bother me as I have never been a big kid person, I am not sure if I want kids, my partner knows this. I love his niece and nephew and have all the time in the world for them but not sure if I want the responsibility of kids myself. To be honest it scares me a bit, I think I would be able to look after them etc but financially they cost a lot, can cause stress (which is not good for my condition), would mean I would have to stop my meds while pregnant… I know my partner would make an amazing Dad as he is so patient but I don’t just want to have kids cos that is what you do, I want to really want them.

Bored at work, the last couple of days I have been a bit bored at work. I have got everything done but it is not really challenging me at the moment. This however bring up the question do I change jobs to something which may have more stress and longer hours or stay with what I know?…





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