Speeding Train

Do we look too much in the distance?

I have been feeling lately that I don’t want to just work 5 days a week, kind of a rut but I am still enjoying the weekends etc so not totally a rut. But am I looking too far into the future. Should I just be enjoying what I have at the moment and trying to make the most of it?

Currently I have a job that is not too stressful so I have time to figure out what I want to do, I have a fiancé who love me, I have a supportive family and friends to go out and have fun with.

I am not saying I have to settle and accept I have to work 5 days a week, I am just saying try to get the most out of my current situation so I can continue to be happy.

Sometime I think because I keep changing sections of advertising, maybe it is not for me, I started in media, then TV research, then Account service and now I am thinking about planning – on the other hand I do enjoy each role but I may have not found the perfect fit in the industry. Also I like to know all aspect of my role and how it fits in with the company as a whole so knowing what the other departments do actually benefits me.

I think I still might benefit from working full-time maybe 3 days a week so I have the steady income and trying to do something of my own type of business the other days.

Thanks for listening 🙂



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