Work Appraisal (how do you think I went & any advice?)


I just need to have a rant/ write down my thoughts- whatever you call it for a minute or two to get this off my chest and clear in my head.

I had my one year appraisal yesterday, and it did go well but there are things that have just rubbed me the wrong way

My boss said he has seen a growth in me over the last year and the areas I need to improve are:

  1. Become more focused on my list of items to do, be more proactive and keep following things up, it is one thing having a list it is another being on top of that list, need to make sure I am prioritising items. Don’t get caught up in what i’m doing treat the list as something I constantly check back on. Also he noticed that sometime when he asks me to follow up a Client I don’t want to bug them- there is a fine balance between waiting and stalking- it is different with every client.
  2. Further on being proactive currently i come to my boss with this situation has happened, he want me to come to him with this is what has happened and this is what I think we should do (in the past I have done this but he has said I need to look at it first before discussing solutions- i will try this again) He said by me coming to him with the solution it is building my decision making muscle, which will increase my level of responsibility and make me more confident in my decision. My solution might not be the one we go with but he will give me tip and feedback on the solution i have come up with. Right now he feels I am not ready to become an Account Manager but this will give me the skills. Don’t over analyse things or you become paralysed and can’t make a decision- but make an informed decision.

May already be doing this but keep in mind:

  1. Keep following up creatives on timelines, I know the deadline so ask how are you going on ‘x’. I don’t have to manage the creatives just make sure on top of it.
  2. Don’t put unrealistic deadlines on jobs if they are not due
  3. Make sure I watch my spelling


  1. friendly and approachable person which is vital in Account Service positions
  2. Improved organisation
  3. Professional
  4. Help and get involved if something has to be done, even if not part of my role
  5. I want to grow, push myself to learn

My Questions:

  1. What is required of me to move up (currently Account exe want to move up to Acc Manager)? – answered above
  2. Being a manager you need to know how to set Client budgets, more financial side, is it beneficial to sit with our accountant? Budgeting and finance very different, Finance is about the company and private, budgeting is set by my boss at the start of the year and is more an Acc Director role
  3. Strategy Sessions, I would like to be involved in running them, currently attend? Again more Acc Director level as you need to understand business, what the Client needs, why, and how to ask question to extract information. It will come down to experience you can’t fast track it, need to know business- my boss learn business through running his own (as he is the owner) and through analysing clients businesses.
  4. Discussed training- Account Management course? He took the information I printed out and will look into it.
  5. Pay- my paid is set to go up to $50K but I was hoping it would go up to $55K, In my initial interview the Salary that was discussed was $50K, in my second interview my Boss said he wanted to start me on $46 for the first three months and then $48K and at one year go up to $50K at the time I was a little bit annoyed he changed the salary but I liked the sound of the job and company so accepted- this is why I was hoping he would put it up to $55K as I had accepted the initial salary plan? – My boss said initial interview was $50K based on experience, my experience didn’t equate $50K in his eyes so started me on 46-48-$50K- I was a bit taken back by that comment. I then I ask do you think my experience equate to $50K now, he said yes, then I asked do you think it equate to more than $50K, he said if a pay rise is what your after I can’t offer that, I don’t think you are under paid- do you? so he put it back on me.

I will have to wait a year for a pay assessment and to move up, which I am not sure about. Also comments like my experience doesn’t equate to that pay does make me look at my experience and doubt slightly, I think I would be able to handle being an Account Manager. I know all industries have cut back and some of our Clients have reduced there spending so I am sure he has that in mind in regards to a pay rise and he owns the company so the money is coming right out of his pocket.

How do you think I went & any advice?



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