Sorry I haven’t written….. broke 2 bones in my back!!!


So at my fourth lesson back riding the horse spooked and I got thrown underneath it…. I have been recovering this is why I haven’t written.

I was so disappointed when it happen as I was loving riding again. I broke two bone in my lower back and w2as off work for 2 and a half week (which my doctors were surprised how quickly i went back). I had to have a walking frame, thing on the toilet so I could get up and a hook to help me put my clothes on 🙂 it would have been a funny look for someone outside looking in.

My fiancĂ© was amazing, making dinner each night and not letting me do anything, which he didn’t have to do. He took some time off work and my Mum came over the other days as I couldn’t be left alone- I couldn’t have recovered without her either.

Everyone doesn’t want me to go back to riding after I recover but I really want to. The only issue is if I hurt myself worse we would have to survive on one income and I may need someone to look after me permanently – this may never happen as I rode previously for 5 years and was never injured – but the thing is it could happen………… is the fun/feeling I get worth the risk????



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