Our bruises make for better conversation


Whether it be physical – like me falling off the horse – Or emotional….

People like to have sometime to share & other to care about their stories, why do you think Facebook was so successful, everyone gets to be nosey and find out what others have been up to.

Although I wondering even if we are bruised by something, does that make for better conversation?? I was diagnosed with Bipolar about 3 years ago and I not saying it is a bruise or a bad thing but it took me a long time to accept it and it has change my life a lot. People do want to know about, such as friend as it is something they have never gone through and only until recently have I felt comfortable talking about it and having people ask the questions they have wanted to ask.

And even though it was a hard time in my life, people wanting to know and caring about me, makes me feel good.



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