Big Time beckons


An Account Manager position has been advertised at the top Agency where I started my career……

I applied late last night!!! I am actually really excited.In a strange way it kind of feels like coming home as I really enjoyed my time there. When I have told people they look at me like I’m crazy as it is a very intense environment- high work volume, long hours but you get to work on the top advertising account and you get to work with the best in the business.

I think I received the best base of knowledge by starting my career there, as you have to put the work in and learn quickly but the campaigns and work I was exposed to was second to none.

My Partner is actually excited for me as well, I wasn’t sure if he would be nervous with my fatigue issues but he said he was he was really excited and it is a good step up in my career and he can see that is what I want.

I have only just applied so I may not even get called for an interview as I know many others will apply but it is nice this excited feeling anyway. I will keep you updated as to how I go.





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