Big Time Beckons continue continue continue continue…


So still no news really to report….

I am not resigning the idea that I could still be contacted and I’m not saying I don’t care about the position as I do. I am just letting in the possibility that they may think I am not ready for an Account Manager position, I am currently an Account Executive.

It mean a lot to me as I kind of prove to myself I can get back up to working for a top agency and i feel i have the energy to be able to do the job to the level i expect of myself. After everything that has happened it would mean a lot to me. Obviously they don’t all the background but they are just looking at my CV and that is what i want them to hire me from.

I have received an email from a girl I know that works there, saying they might be also hiring for an Account Manager on the account she works on but if they don’t think I am suitable for the one I applied for, might not want to hire me for this one?? it was nice of her to think of me though.

Well the finger are still crossed so we will see how it goes…



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