Test Results in!


Test Results in and the winner is Helicocbater…….

I know I should be more happy as this test says I have something and there is medication to get rid of it, but I was feeling a bit over it last night as I have been told I have so many things and now this is just another one.

I know being positive is the best thing to do but sometimes it just gets a bit too much. As this morning I had to take 10 tablets!

I will be over this mood tomorrow and back to fighting it head on, just dwelling for a bit. I have been told I have Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalga, tested for IBS but didn’t have it, Bipolar and now Helicobacter….. sometimes it is just a bit overwhelming.

At least there is a test for helicobacter, Chronic fatigue and Bipolar there is no test just a process of elimination.

At least tomorrow is the weekend, I have dinner tonight with Friends and a Hens party tomorrow, so my mind will be distracted, however I do have a strange taste in my mouth from the tablet this morning?…



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