Ended Friendship


I knew it was over but that just confirmed it….. 

Everyone has that friend that they were inseparable from when they were at school, well I know most girls do. The girl that was this for me is no longer and I have known this for a while but it still feels strange considering we used to do everything together.

She dates my cousin which throws another spanner in the works so will still see her at family things but not that often as she moved for the other side of the country a long time ago. Even though she moved we originally stayed close and I went to visit and we still spoke on the phone but this got less and less. I did try but sometime I felt like it was one sided and when I told her I was diagnosed with Bi-polar I never really got a call checking back to see how I was going and I thought she would understand as she had epilepsy during high school and I was there most time she had a fit and did anything I could.

We are quite different but it worked for us, sometime people would wonder why we were friend. Anyway she was back visiting on the weekend and I didn’t even get a text saying she was back I only knew because my mum organised a family catch up, so she came. So I would say that is not friendship and she hardly asked any questions on how I was or what I’m doing now and I was sitting right next to her.

I can say oh well but it does still hurt, not now but when I think of what we had and what it is now. I guess I am holding on to the good memories from when we were younger but happy now to create new memories with the friends that are around me now and supporting me.



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