too much of a good thing? Distractions? Loyalty


Has our high-speed economy put an end to workplace loyalty?

When I was young I wanted to work for the same work and work my way up to the top of that company. I like to know all element of my job and how other people contribute affect my role. I thought the best way to have this was to know the company inside out by knowing all the position to the top having worked them.

Well it hasn’t worked out this way as I moved to London for 3 years so couldn’t stay with the same company and I think I was ready for a fresh start. There are so many distraction and so many option for work and people approaching employee that people don’t stay.

I have learnt to adapt and still know my role thoroughly but there still is a part of me when I start a new role that wants this to be the company that keeps me interested in their work, happy and appreciates me finically to sustain the life I want – hence then i can make it my permanent work and not wanting to move on.

Is this a bad thing to want??



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