Why do we compare ourselves to others?


Why do we compare ourselves to other and can’t just be happy with what we have……

I know I shouldn’t but it is hard not to compare, I enjoy the industry I am in ‘Advertising’ but it is not the best paying till you get up to the higher positions. This has been delayed for me due to my fatigue and bipolar so I feel like I am still stuck at the bottom on shit pay and people I trained are at Manager level earning more than me.. how do you not compare ??

Also my younger sister went for an admin job and it is $5K more than mine and I have a degree, I would love her to get it, I would just like to be paid more in my current industry and position.

I have an industry ball tonight where I will see lot of people I used to work with which is great but on the other hand they are further along in their career than me at least I get to wear a nice ball dress.



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