Confused ?^!%


I don’t know why but I just feel off and not myself…

I am confused about work as I don’t know if I want to stay in advertising and go part-time and maybe try something else for one of the days I have off so I will be working for myself  but what.

This blog, I keep changing the theme about 10 time in the last month, I am trying to find a free theme, that is visual with images, shows my twitter on the homepage even though i’m having problems setting that up, maybe a slider, easy for people to follow if they want, and i’m still not happy with the theme I have?? Also I don’t know if the blog is useful to me or anyone, it is not about a specific topic so I am not sure if people would follow as it is random, but then i started writing it for me- see confused

Probably the one thing I am not stressed about is I get married in about 7 weeks. There is still some things to do but I actually can’t wait. I am very lucky with the guy I get to marry and can’t wait. To be honest I don’t know if I would have got through the initial stages of the bipolar with out him.

My tiredness is adding to everything, they can’t figure out what it is and I keep having blood test after blood test, pills after pills and I am still exhausted. Sometime when I go somewhere to meet up with a group of people I think in my head how long should I stay so I don’t look rude leaving, I am tired when I arrive that doesn’t seem right, it is not the people it just tires me out even making conversation- go figure..





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