Sometimes things don’t work out


One of my bridesmaids pulled out and I’m getting married in 6 weeks….

She is breastfeeding at the moment and don’t feel comfortable wearing the dress and would prefer the freedom to leave when she need to to express or anything she need. I said I could change her dress but she is more comfortable as a guest. At first I was upset as she has know the dress all along (about a year) but then I think I was more upset because she wasn’t going to be involved.

I don’t have kids so I don’t know how she would feel and I don’t want one of my friends feeling uncomfortable on the day.

This however leave me with the problem do I replace her or have one less bridesmaid then groomsmen??? if I replace her I have someone in mind but I don’t know if asking someone 6 weeks before would work and it is saying you were the backup pick?? or if I don’t replace her I thought the extra groomsman could walk out of the church with my mum and when the bridal party join us on the dance floor again my mum could accompany the extra groomsman, this way she is involved as my Dad is walking me down the aisle??

I don’t know, it only happened yesterday, I did want them to be matching but now I just don’t know…




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