I think I need to focus more on me, my life, my fiancé and my health….

I think sometime we just get caught up with other problems and help them or just keep floating by that we loss focus. I don’t know if I have stopped for a while and assessed everything.

On the weekend I got told I still have Chronic fatigue, my tiredness is where my health issues started in London and then when I came back to Australia I was told I had Bipolar and now I am being told I have both Chronic fatigue and bipolar. Your health is the most important thing but sometime I let it take a back seat as I want to push through and move up in my job. I need to make sure as I have limited energy at the moment that I use it on the important things, help my fiancé with house stuff and dinner as at the moment he doing most of this due to me being tired once i get home from work, also I am very close with my family and i am a very private person that I sometime even don’t let them know how tired I am.

I will still work hard but I will make sure I am focusing on what will get me to where I want to be and not wasting my energy, work smart.

I know i need to educate myself more about my conditions but I find it really hard to read about them and it doesn’t seem to go in for some reason. My fiancé and I are currently reading a book, (Musician, Heal Thyself! An Alternative Approach to Conquering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Annette Toenjes), It makes it easier that he is reading it with me and that he wants to read it with me. I love listening to someone read a book to me.



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