Open up


It’s hard when you have kept stuff to yourself and you try to open up..

I am a very private person and I have been unwell for so lonv I can’t remember the last time I felt I had energy.

I often don’t let people see how tired I am and try to include myself so they don’t know even if its to the detriment of my health.  It hard I don’t want people to not include me but then they don’t understand what I’m going through which makes it harder for myself and my fiancé as he know cos we live together.

I just tried to open up to my sister as I had to have injections today but not to any fault or hers but she kind of dismissed it and went back to talking about her issues. I tried again later in the conversation but again she said sorrg you missed out on the day, you missed some good tennis matches and that was it. I have a few people that like to rhn their problems by me but I find it hard to share mine- why!

I think it is more my fault for not letting people in but it’s not easy initially and it’s not easy when you want to try to let people in…





  1. There are people who understand but most people unless they have gone through it or something similar wont usually. It’s not that their cruel, but extremely uniformed, and I know it can really hurt. We had a serious problem in our family, that doctors were baffled with, and I learn’t to press into God to find answers. I’ve included a link to this Juice Lady, who said that even peoples chronic fatigue has been healed by juicing. Sorry, I hope I haven’t overstepped with this suggestion, I am new to blogging:

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  2. Hi AM Simpson,

    I don’t think you are overstepping at all, It is nice to hear some feedback and suggestions. So thanks for the tip and i will definitely look into it. I know It is hard if people haven’t been through something similar for them to understand and it doesn’t help that I am quite private so they don’t see how much I am struggling, then they just think I’m fine so not their fault.

    I hope the serious problem you had in your family has been worked out 🙂



  3. Thanks yes, all is good now it a long road. Wanted to tell you about whey powder, it is such an amazing natural food, it is truly worth taking. It’s found in health food shops, prices vary, it is really, really worth taking, leaves you feeling healthy, more energy, not craving foods and fixes up internal flora many, other benefits. Also superfoods the vitality range to add to your juices, very powerful But just juicing on it’s own without the added expense is wonderful. There are some things that are real nuggets, once you find them you never want to stop taking them. All the best.

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