Tennis, I miss it


Tennis was/is a huge part of my life growing up…..

My whole family plays tennis and I met my fiancé at the tennis club I have been a member of since I was about 10yrs. Tennis also was a great place for my parents to meet people as we moved every two years when I was younger with my Dad’s work.

The thing about tennis is when you play singles it is up to you, you are the only one on your side of the court. It is also hugely a mental game, you can be better than someone on paper but still lose. I loved this challenge.

Obviosly the fatigue issues mean I don’t play competitively anymore but I still go down to the club and watch my partner, brother and sisters. The hard thing about going down to the club is I haven’t played for about 6yrs and their are new member who don’t know I used to play, so say ‘why don’t you get out and give it a go’ or ‘have you ever considered playing?’ – logically if they thought about it my whole family plays so of course I would have tried or played but they don’t know all my medical history and are just making conversation but…… the thing is I would love to be out there playing.

I actually had a hit of tennis last night, only 20 minutes but that is what has made me remember how much I loved it, hopefully I can continue to have hits and increase the time as I go.



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