It doesn’t rain it pours



It is always the way….

I have had three interviews in the last few weeks along with planning a wedding but I will tell you about the wedding in a different post.

The reason

I want to change is I feel like I have hit a roof in my current role and there isn’t a lot of room to expand. Also my boss’s management style isn’t how I would manage, so would love to work with someone I can learn further skills off.

The Interviews

Company 1- Had the interview before I went away. Medium size Agency approx. 25 people – one of the main Clients is HIF and other small Clients, maybe 10 in total. Salary offering $65K. Team consists of part time Account Director, Senior Account Manager, Account Manager (position hiring for), and Account Executive. Next Step- I was to make contact which I did, I email late last week saying I will be back this week and followed up on Monday once returned but no response yet, will call if don’t hear back. Location: West Perth

Company 2- Had the interview last night. big worldwide company but only recently opened office in my state, so small team but have access to resources over East. Looking to set up 2 Account Service teams- Account Director & Manager in each and one Account Executive who is across both teams. They are hiring for one of the Account Manager positions who will be mainly be working on RAC products and insurance (the account is split across the two teams). They also have LWP as a Client and are pitching for others. They are keen on promoting within as the Account Manager was just promoted to Director hence the position open. Salary offering $65 is highest will go to but depends on experience. With this position I will get to work mainly on one Client so really get to know them and have access to a large network and skill base. Next step- 2 more interviews to be done and will let me know by the end of the week if I have made it to the second round of interviews with the CD and MD. Location: City above cheeky sparrow bar

Company 3- Had the second interview this morning with Elliott. Small Agency with a twist, they are moving away from the traditional based agency model. The Role is not completely defined as going through changes at the company, Have the standard agency setup which will continue so see the person looking after Stockland, Royal Show & Curtainworld (mainly). Also looking at some other revenue increasing ventures which he went through, so the person would be involved in help promoting new product/ project models (specialist areas) and new ventures which included managing businesses and increasing skills from the Client side perspective. Jim sees the position being 60% looking after the Clients mentioned above and then 40% other ventures. He explained there are opportunities to take on more and learn if the person is keen. Nice opportunity here is to get broader exposure to not only marketing/comms strategy, but also business development with the ‘other ventures’. Jim is a real entrepreneurial type, so there’s a bit to be learned from him in that regard too. Salary range not defined yet, but may include a commission structure with base salary. Client Service team- Two partners and the person hired will assist them. Next Step- Jim is back from London next Tuesday and the two partner will meet and discuss. Location: Nedlands


Company 1 had a really good vibe in the interview, medium size agency but may be leaning to one of the others.

Company 2 & 3 both sound like great opportunities but both very different. Previously in my head I thought I want to work for one of the top 4 agencies on one main Client, so I can really get to know that Client. Although from what i have heard with some of the bigger agencies you get pigeon holed in your role and don’t get exposed to a range of things.

Therefore with company 2 it is still small in size so you get in and get it done but you have access to a large network. And love the location in the city above the Cheecky sparrow bar, lot of things around the office.

With company 3 I will be exposed to different things within the industry which will increase my knowledge and allow me to get exposed to opportunities I may not get the chance to in any other role. Based in Nedlands, so maybe not the best location but location is not everything.

What do you think??




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