Lyrics can take you right back to that place…..


Right now my head and ideas are going so fast, I have learnt to slow it down by talking slow in front of others so I think about what I am saying or what I am about to do.


When I was younger I used to lay on my bed and just listen to music, sometime the same song over and over, sometimes the same genre of music, sometimes just random music but… I find it relaxes my mind as I just listen to the music and let it take my mind to whatever memory to music evokes


Working full-time now I can’t just zone out and listen to music but I find putting in my headphones and having just background music or the same song means i don’t focus on the songs and concentrate on purely my work….. it also drones out the other office noises.


Everyone can draw something different from a song and its lyrics or relate it to a personal meaning, this is what i love music is personal and everyone can relate in their own way.


 What would we do without music………..



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