Ahhhhh…Ahhhhhh… hard to tell


Some people don’t give you anything to bounce off, no reaction, nothing to gauge how your going!….

Did I shine ??? Did I not ??? Did I make too many jokes ??? but that is me ??

Ok step back – I had my interview with JWT on Wednesday night, this was the second interview with the big bosses- MD & CD. I was more nervous than I normally am and I think it was because I really wanted the job. it does seem to match what I want but that is alway hard to tell only from interviews. I know I will have to work hard and maybe put in longer how as I did at MF but I think the experience I will get exposed to is worth it.

I naturally have a dry sense of humour and I don’t know if I made too many jobs as I was nervous. The CD was laughing but the MD kept a straight face most of the time so didn’t give me much to bousce off or read him with, so not sure if he like my sense of humour or not. Obviously I am not sarcastic with Client, but I hope that came across as well, he did say he could tell I was passionate about advertising.

Personally I think my first interview with the two director went better but we will just have to wait and see.

I still have a second interview with G&G on Monday morning, so there is not only one option but no offers have been put forward yet so we will see.




  1. Hi hope you get the job your’e after. Good to read your blogs again, hope you didn’t think I was spamming you when I offered you some links to check out. I have a bit more on health on my blog since last time. All the best, Anne 🙂


    • Hey Anne, more than happy for you to post comments/ links. It is nice to hear feedback or thoughts from you on what I’m writing, I really appreciate it. I let you know the outcome from the interview when I hear. fingers crossed 🙂

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      • no worries, I have a link that’s really good from of Sid Roth’s its supernatural. I will have to look for it as there are so many on healing that otherwise we would never hear about.


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