3 questions


Another catch-up with G&G this morning, went really well but now I have some thinking to do…


1. What do I want from my role?

Responsibly and freedom in my role to leave if i’m done and manage my own time/ work load.

Social aspect/ location- How important are these factors to me, well I really enjoyed catching up with my younger sister after work last week, we just had a light dinner and I was still home earlish and I liked the buzz just being in the city after work and when I stood on Kings street the buzz. Although I am close to the city where I work and don’t use it, but I know if I was in there I may more as at the moment with being tired it seems a lot to go into the city after work.

People- I want to work for managers that I respect their style of managing and can learn and improve my skills by working with them. I do also like a team environment as I like the work banta.

I want to have a creative element to my role.

2. Where is the company going?

J&T- Been around for two years, still one main Client, they are pitching but why haven’t they won more, have LWP but this is mainly a project based client. The staff seem motivated to grow and have the office space for it, but if lose RAC would they pack up and go back East. A lot of the operation is run out of Sydney so will be between the Sydney office and the Client. I love the location above a bar, but I think the work will be long hours as both time I have had late interviews after work the staff is still there.

G&G- location is not the best, not much around or people to catch up for lunch. Opportunity to learn so much and expand my skills and career. Like how passionate Jim is about the business and industry. Learn about managing a clients sales figure and top level management. Jim is very open and honest about the businesses position and where it is going, unlike my current boss so this is very refreshing.

3. Where do I want to be in 10 years?

Be moving up in my career, I don’t care so much (have to admit a little bit I do as show you are moving up in your career) about the job title, I care about what I am getting out of my role, I don’t just want to be called a manager and have no manager responsibilities.

I have always liked the idea of having my own business, I know some of the challenge that come with this but you get to be your own boss, this may be the sole form of my income or just a side thing along side what I am doing.






I know i wish i didn’t have to ask myself this question but I would not be smart if I don’t seriously assess which one would be better health-wise. I know in my head that G&G would be a better health, work, life balance but for some reason I am drawn to going back to working for one of the high pressure agencies, I am not sure if I just want to prove to myself I can, even though I got so much positive feedback from Brand?


Just married- don’t want to spend all my time at work or worrying about work, but I need something that challenges me and keeps me interested.

May want kids

Have been enjoying the work life balance but also like being pushed

Be Honest with myself- to see what will match?

Spelling/ grammar is not the best

I didn’t like working at Downie in London, but I was the only person in marketing and my boss did the engineering side, so no one to learn from

For some reason have been trying to get away from Media but it always seems to crept back in, I don’t know why, I enjoyed it when I started in the field and maybe just got burnt out by the volume of work. Didn’t mind it at AdC

Haven’t managed budgets and sales at a high level really but want to learn, I taught myself the whole Infosys program and then trained others in it, I want to teach myself business management and if I want to maybe work for myself this is essential. I did get told at uni/ letter sent to me saying I have management potential based on my work in class.

I do want to make money, if I work hard and bring in money for the company I want to be rewarded for it.


It is hard to tell from interviews how the business, company, position and people will suit me, but sometimes you just have to go for it and as much as I want to stay at a company and grow with it you can move on. I am a bit old fashion that way I would like to work for a company, get to know it and its clients and succeed along side it succeeding.

I am still waiting to hear back from J&T and G&G is going to put a proposal together for me to review by the end of the week.





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