A personal track about 360’s brother being bullied and battling addiction

360 had an in depth interview with The Music. Here is what he said about his song ‘Early Warning’.

“This is about my older brother. He had migraines as kid; he’d be on the floor screaming and throwing up. A doctor gave him morphine. I don’t blame the doctor. Dave was a depressed kid, too; he got bullied all the time. For him to have the feeling of morphine and forget everything and live in a dream, he started faking migraines. One thing led to another”.

360 also had one with The Australian

“He’s had it tough,” 360 says. “Me and him are really different; opposites. He’s introverted. Didn’t fit in at school and got bullied. We didn’t realise he had a massive drug addiction for five or six years.
“He was trying to overdose and my parents found him. He’s living with them now and still struggling. I wouldn’t have put the song out without his blessing. He loves it, because Chris Cheney is one of his favourite musicians.”

Early Warning LYRICS

Ft: Chris Cheney 

[Verse 1 – 360]
You started having these migraines at a ripe age
Doctor gave you codeine just to ease a slight pain
Started crippling you by the age of 14
So the doctor decided to give you morphine

That was the first time you tasted what the high was like
Your brain was so fragile you weren’t in your right mind

We never understood that when you used to have it
We were seeing the beginnings of a future addict

And thats a honest mistake the doctor had made
He only meant to help you in a positive way

And pointing fingers in this whole shit is not going change
That we all awoken a demon that was locked in a cage

I know the drug way of life is a lonely one
I hate that it went and attracted both of us
And opiates is so hard to overcome
Playing Russian roulette with a needle is a loaded gun

[Hook – Chris Cheney]
Early warnings never come
Life is good when we were young
Just like the early morning sun
We will rise up
Life is good when we were young

[Verse 2 – 360]
We didn’t know you were getting bullied everyday
Tortured, but wasn’t strong enough to ever say

School is such a tender age it moulds you in every way
Forms in forever shapes your mental state
After copping more abuse from the friends you made
All you wanted was to get some fucking better mates
So when your head would ache, you just medicate
Now you found a better way to get away from any pain

So while you crying and lying in your bed awake
You know when the doc injects your veins it’ll set you straight
We didn’t know because you didn’t have to ever chase
Saying you got a migraines would take you to a better place
Yo, this shit is going overboard
Too deep for me to help you stay afloat at all

All we’ve got left is hope so we hope for more
Because having false hope is better than not having hope at all

[Hook – Chris Cheney]

[Verse 3 – 360]
Theres a day I can’t wipe from my memory though
Like a episode of my life that im forgetting to close

He was done from life from ready to go
Ready to hang his head in shame but at the end of a rope
His addiction has ruined everything though
Pushed away all his family and friends that he knows
We could of helped but he was too ashamed to let us all know
We thought he found us annoying so we left him alone
For some reason Mum and Dad was sensing it though
Their instinct kicked in so they went to his home
He was trying to get clean so he went at it alone
So many downers he would of ended up dead on his own (yeah)
I got a call that made me burst into tears
I never heard my Dad cry and it hurt me to hear
Told him it was a blessing it could be worse than it is
Bring him home to those that love him for the person he is

[Hook – Chris Cheney]





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