It just dawned on me…

test collage copy


It just really dawned on me, that I am not going to be working in advertising for a while.

It is a weird feeling as I have been working in the industry for almost 10 years. I have worked so hard and finally got a job as an advertising account manager for a firm that I loved and people were great and I was diagnosed with Lyme disease- I have start a blog on this but haven’t been able to finish it or post it yet so the full story about my diagnosis is coming.

Anyway back to advertising, it is a strange world unlike any other industries/ work place I have been in. It can be full on, long hours but I love it, i really do. My boss when I told him I had to leave (as my doctor wants me to cut down my hours). He said think of it like you are going on maternity leave and then returning once i have recovered.

I have already got a part time job as a sales assistant at a high end jewellers. But the ambition in me is already looking for way I can excel or move up in this role, it is meant to be a stop gap while I get treatment. it is a good position for that as once you leave the store you don’t have things you will be continually thinking about. Also it uses my sales and customer service skill I have from advertising.

It may have just dawned on me as I start my sales assistant role tomorrow, but it is still a strange feeling….







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