Sometimes you just have to shut up and go with it

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I haven’t written for a while as i have been recovering but I have stumbled across something I love…….

Since having to stop working full time in advertising due to Lyme disease, I have been working in as a jewellery sales assistant for a high end jewelers. I love talking with the customers, learning about diamonds, pearl and Swiss watches.

I have done well and after 6 weeks was promoted to assistant manager, Management was aware I was doing this to recover and I wasn’t sure I could handle the full time hours but they said I could go back to my casual position if I needed to. After working in the position for a bit it was too much so I went back to the casual position, which I am still enjoying.

I always do this push myself even if my body is not up to it and look for where a position can take me. I am enjoying working as a sale assistant and it is giving me time to recover, so I need to just enjoy it, learn what I can and when I feel better reassess and see what happens.





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