As per my last post, i freelanced in advertising for about 4 weeks and then was offered a full time Brand Manager job and this is one of the top advertising agencies, what I’ve always wanted, so i said yes……… a week inti full time work the previous weeks started catching up to me, pajns in arms & legs, hax to have a bath when git home to relax my muscles, dizzy spells, and had to get dropped at work  one day as not up to driving….. but now 1.5 weeks later of rest and I’m thinking should i have pushed through, it was whaf I’ve always wanted that position and the money was good?

At the time I finally realised how important my health was, because i was starting to feel better i didn’t want to go back to where i was and how bad i previously felt….. it’s surprising how quickly i forget this when i start go feel better as i just want to go back to work and get back into a routine i can keep… i always pusb myself further and harder than I should.

Observation of dream job, people loved, creative industry but my role not so creative specifically, Brand Manager = manage client (enjoy, talking and the challenge of building a relationship and working together), estimate and invoices- manage time on the job, send invoices and find prices for the quote, meetings – client WIP/ creative progress updates/ briefing creatives/ Client service meetings, strategy- mainly done by planning department, getting approvals from clients, monitoring deadline and chasing up creatives or clients if deadline is close, time-sheets my own and monitoring creative time on jobs, being proactive and assessing what clients need, material instructions, writing creative briefs.

I did feel wanted/ part of a team/ needed / important when I was working as I managed the launch of a new product and people relied on me to get it done and if they needed updates they would come to me. However my managers did work long hours and on more than one occasion two manager said I have to go now (5:30pm) but will be back online later tonight…. do I want to work this much or spend my time with my Husband & puppy??

Due to my body/ health not being up to it I did speak to my manager and decided to have time off, The CEO did say to me when i feel better make sure they are my first call- which made me feel really good and i know i can do the job as I was offered permanent full time work and told i could come back.

Quote: make sure you always out work the person next to you 🙂

xxx fbm


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