Hi, it’s been awhile


Hi 🙂

I don’t know why I haven’t written to be honest, I have still been unwell and battling with that but have had time at home so could have written.

I have worked in Retail for a while testing out my health, working in jewellery sales and travelled with it so thought I was ready to give Advertising a go again but all the pain and mind fog came back after about 2 months and I felt I wasn’t performing to the level I knew I could. I was working long hours, so I think it was a combination of the long hours and mentally draining work that my body couldn’t handle.

So have been looking for a job for the last 2 months as I chose to leave advertising as I didn’t want to get any worse health wise and didn’t let the company down. The hard part was is I didn’t know what I wanted to do as have always been focused on getting back to advertising. So I look at opportunity in flower as have also been interested in them e.g. florist related, also admin jobs as generally leave the work at work and can relax and refresh at home but not sure about being in front of computer all day again, animal- I have alway loved the, receptionist at vet/ dog walking/ working at a dog kennel/ cat haven. However… the hard part is I don’t have qualifications in these area and I don’t want to start a job and not like it and want to leave again.

Therefore I have chosen to go back into retail as an assistant manager a a store, this way I know I can handle retails work, I love working in a team and as assistant manager I can learn skills to develop a team and still have a challenge for me. Plus I love dealing with customer as everyday it can be different as you deal with different customer situations. And who know I may love this and find what satisfy me or it will give me time to try some hobbies and see what I love without doing it as a job and my main source of income.

I am happy at the moment, so I hope everyone out there has something they are happy about too.

Chat soon, hopefully not as long between drinks this time 🙂

xxx fbm


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