What is the best career for someone who has a talent of observing and analysing human behavior and intent?

Found this online, quite interesting and will answer the questions below in a later post.
I like my assistant manager job in retail but it is not my passion and I don’t wake up wanting to go there or wanting to read more about the subject.
So will stay there till I can figure out what will drive me and I have a passion about………… who knows what that is????
Love FBM 🙂
Yang Mu Ming, Nurture Your Natural Self @ yangmm.sg/M12

It depends on your area of interest/passion. One can be a good speaker. He can choose to be a salesman of a product, a corporate trainer MNCs or a spokesman for a non-profit organisation.

” Like a knife, one can use it to do harm, protect love ones or cook yummy dinner for family. ” Similarly, your talent of observation might be a great value in many different sectors; e.g social science (understanding the national cultures and potential and how to drive it forward), life/career coaching (helping people to make satisfying life/career decisions), behavioural analytics (profiling for companies and create strategies for them to bring their teamwork and performance to the next level), or anywhere that needed an analytical minds like yours.

However, I would also like to mention that there is no best career around. Life is dynamic and even the best career has its own ‘chores’ to do. A man can be a great sportsman but he can’t anymore – since he’s in his late 50s. But he can choose to be a mentor in sports-related career.

Some questions to kickstart…
1. What are two things I often ‘preach’ or defend about?
2. What are two things I’m often excited to do all day long?
3. Why are they important to me?
4. What are two things I wish to explore or achieve in this life?
5. What is the opportunity cost? e.g if one wishes to be an investor, should one work for a high paying job, save and invest the rest? – or – Should one works in a low paying job in an investment company to accelerate his learning


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