Career; What I want to do

So when I’m coming down & high to be honest, I go through all different work scenario that I believe this is what I want to do; fashion designer, interior designer, teachers assistant (to help kids), social media strategist, behaviour analysis, photography, graphic designer and something in the army as they pay for your study while you work. But it always ends up at the same place……… HORSES

I think the career I want has to involve working with horses and I mean physically working with horses not doing marketing for a Racecourse, I want to be a trainer, horse exerciser, or ideal help break horses in as it combines studying behaviour management and horses. There is one problem my health…… I get exhausted Physically and mentally and my body is not holding up at the moment with the psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia and maybe chronic fatigue 

My husband does have a cousin that has a farm down south that runs the farm and breaks in horse maybe I could shadow him one day to see if I like it and if I could physically do it. I am on new mess that will hopefully help with the pain but time will tell.

It is strange I have come to this realisation before about what I love but then when normal life takes over I forget or the fact my health is an issue I forget and then when I’m high I go through all the work scenarios till I get back to horses, sometimes I will even sit on my bed with a horse photography, sometimes this leads me to getting distracted and going off in the I want to be a photographer direction but…. 

it is horses I want to work with.

Horses never lie, unlike people 

xxx fbm 


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